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Brighton & UK Regions
Brighton Marina has had an interesting history since its conception almost 40 years ago. It was opened by HM The Queen and has become the largest Marina complex in Europe.

The Ditchling
- Beautiful panorama viewing is possible from viewing points along the mountain range stretching for miles close to the south coast.

Brighton Marina Overview  Brighton, despite the lack of natural shelter offered on this part of the South Coast, has been a port since the 14th Century. The town's proximity to, and good communications with, London, even in the days of horse drawn vehicles, accounted mainly for this. A thriving fishing community has also existed for many centuries.
The lack of shelter brought many proposals over the years, for the construction of a proper harbour; the first in 1806 was for a wharf, graving dock and 50 warehouses.
In 1823, the Chain Pier was constructed and in 1830, a Captain Brown brought forward a proposal, which would have used the Chain Pier as a breakwater, infilling the structure with chalk. This idea was dismissed as being too costly.

Brighton Visitor Information - South East England Travel Information & Accom.
Royal Pavilion Shop, 4-5 Pavilion Buildings, Brighton   BN1 1EE 
Opening Hours: Daily - 10:00-17:00pm  -  Visitor Information Contact Service 
Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat - 10:00-17:00pm. Summer Sundays and Bank Holidays 10:00-16:00pm
Tel: 01273 290337

Cruising & Yachting Tours
At the present we do not have any cruising or yachting tours on offer, but cabin cruiser day or fishing trips off the Seaford, Brighton to Worthing coastline. Contact us for details.

Train Services
The following train services operate in the South East of England:
Eurostar, First Capital Connect, Gatwick Express, Heathrow Connect, Heathrow Express, London Underground, National Express, South Eastern and Southern Rail
The Ditchling
South East England Travel By Road Transport
One of the most inexpensive ways to travel in the Southeast is by using the regional bus services or for longer distances the national carrier
National Express

For travellers using their own, or a hired car we have included a road map with constant traffic updates for this region helping to avoid congested motorways.

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